The Kiss




The Princess was standing in the tower of her castle looking at the beautiful sky and watching the full moon light up the whole of her land, when suddenly Rupert jumped up on one of the flats closest to the Princess.

"If you kiss me, Princess, I will turn into a handsome Prince!" said Rupert as he puckered his frog lips for the long-awaited kiss.

"Oh Rupert, when will you stop these relentless approaches? I tire of you and wish you to leave at once!" demanded the Princess. Facing toward the evening sky, the Princess could see an eagle swooping down toward them and knew this was her chance to rid herself of this pesky frog. Although she had tried many times to dispatch him, he always seemed to get out of every one of his predicaments and will, no doubt, defeat this adversary as well, but at least it would give her the rest of the evening in peace. With the bird drawing ever so close, the Princess said, "Ok, my brave Prince. Close your eyes and pucker up because you are about to really get it"

"I am?" Rupert asked with excitement. 'At last my dream will come true!' he thought to himself. Not wanting to keep the Princess waiting and risk the possibility of her changing her mind, Rupert formed his best pucker, closed his eyes and waited for what she had promised. But before Rupert could figure out that something was terribly wrong, the eagle's claw clamped down on one of Rupert's legs and began to fly away with the frog as he heard the Princess say, "Fare thee well my brave Prince and good riddance!"

© Copyright Cheryl Taul
October 2009















Music “No Finer  Day” provided by Sound Dogs