Dinner Time



The Princess was in a romantic and magical mood on this beautiful evening because several nights prior, she had finally rid herself of that psychotic frog that forever taunted her. Since then it has been peaceful and relaxing. She walked to her garden by the pond with a smile on her face and began to wonder when her Prince would ever come, for it says in all the story books that they surely do. "After all," she thought out loud, "I am a Princess and I must have a Prince!"

"Here I am, Love-Lips!" said Rupert from atop one of the garden stones. The Princess turned with a gasp and angrily said, "I thought the eagle had dispatched you, you menacing lump of warts!"

"No enemy will prevail as long as I know you long for me, my deceptive damsel." Rupert replied.

The Princess bent over the stone and with a sly look on her face she said, "Rupert, how would you like to come for dinner this evening?

Quickly looking about to see if an eagle was in the air, he turned back at the Princess and said,  "Why yes, my fair lady. What is on the menu this evening?"

"Frog legs!" yelled the Princess as she stormed off into the castle.

Copyright Cheryl Taul
October 2009