Rupert's Dilemma


Dear Millie,

    I am a very handsome frog. I live in a lovely swamp and have many bugs to eat. But I am very unhappy.
You see, there is a lovely female amphibian named Lilly that I am desperately in love with and I know we
could be gloriously happy together and have hundreds and hundreds of handsome and lovely froglets together.
However, Lilly lives in another swamp and believe me, its not half as nice as mine but she insists we live there.
How can I convince her to move to my swamp and live happily ever after?

Bob Bullfrog


Dear Bob,

    I'm sure your swamp is very nice but it seems that Lilly feels the same way about her swamp.
Swamps are what you make them you know. My suggestion to you is to go swamp hunting together until you find
a swamp you can both agree on. Good luck.

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