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Last Touch

The Spirit Of God

Come! Dance With Me


Passing In The Night

The Pain I Bear

Forever~On Some Distant Shore

The Songbird's Flight

My Weaknesses

Dream On

Said My Mind Unto My Heart

My White-Winged Dove

Then Love Will Do The Rest

Distant Peace

Dancing In The Heavens

The Moonlight's Call

My Hidden Garden

I Heard The Wind Say

Journey's End


The Red Rose

If Only I Could

Secure In My Father's Love

Princess Diana

My Dream

Love Has Many Faces

Self Respect

The Edge


An Expectation

A Place In The Heart

A Poet's Life

A Precious Rose

A Private Garden

Give And Take

My Land Forevermore

But I Live In A World. . . .

In Everything

Give It Your Best Shot

My Mammograms

The Unicorn

When Will You?

While We're Apart

Just Look And Listen

My Heart Is Not For You

To Shell Island

You Belong To Me

Two Pearls In His Hand

  The Heart God Gave To Me  




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