Pipperwhill and The Songbird

"Why are you in my nest?" cried the Songbird. "What if you have damaged my babies?"

"Oh no, I have not harmed your  young ones." replied Pipperwhill. "I was only keeping them warm while you were out foraging for food. I was only trying to help and I don't believe I have harmed anything while you were away."

"Pipperwhill! You are so curious about everyone's business, one day you may do some damage, I am warning you, little Elf!"

"But I am very careful not to hurt anything." she replied. She thought for a moment then asked, "May I tell your babies a story when they are born, Songbird?"

"Well," said the Songbird reluctantly. "I suppose it would be alright as long as you don't sit on them! You may sit on the branch and tell your stories but my babies are not for you to sit on, do you understand, little Elf?

"Oh yes, I understand. I will not sit on them, I will only tell them a story. I guess I will return when they are ready to hatch. Do you want me to help you hatch them, Songbird?"


Copyright Cheryl Taul
October 2009







Midi "Enchantment"