Pipperwhill's Discovery


"Look!" Pipperwhill said to the Fireflies, the Hummingbirds and the Butterflies. "What are those down there?"

"They are the Faerie Dragon's eggs." said the old Butterfly as she headed toward the Ancient Gate. "Be very careful they are not disturbed. Only the Dragon knows how to care for his own young."

"Do you lay eggs, Butterfly? Where are they and what do they look like?"

"Yes, Pipperwhill. I lay my eggs on the leaves in this Ancient Garden. This is a place that many come to for birth. It is the cycle of life."

I must find Unicorn and talk to him about this." said the little elf. "This is most amazing and very strange." Pipperwhill jumped from the mushroom and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her to where Unicorn was.

"She may not return for a long time." said the Butterfly to the Hummingbird. "Unicorn will tell her that this birthing place is too precious for her to come here to play. But one day when she is many times older, she may find herself back here again and then she will understand how wonderful the Ancient Gardens are."

"I hope not!" laughed Hummingbird.

"I wouldn't worry." smiled Butterfly. "Of all the Elves in our land, Pipperwhill is the most curious but because of her curiosity she never stays long in one place. One day she may return and by then she could have a little elf of her own."

Hummingbird flew nearer to Butterfly and sat upon a twig. "Do you remember when she jumped on my back for a ride?" said Hummingbird excitedly. "I could not bear to carry two elves!"

"What about the saddle she tried to harness onto me?" replied Butterfly. "I guess we will have to wait and see what she will do next, but for now with her away, we will enjoy our sanity!" said Butterfly, and with that, they both nodded off in a blissful sleep.

Copyright Cheryl Taul
September 2009