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I’ve Learned. . .

1) to read labels and directions more carefully.

2) that when the directions say “Consult Your Physician First” it means it.

3) that God is not in a hurry.

4) to never underestimate the love of a friend.

5) not to judge anyone regardless of their situation or God may cross my path with theirs in such a way that I might, one day,  find myself walking in their shoes.

6) that even the most beloved person can be taken from me.

7) that God will not go against His Word.

8) that whatever virtue I lack, God will send someone my way that will test me to my limit until that virtue is learned.

10) to think less of what others may think of me.

11) that to accomplish anything, I have to be my own best friend.

12) that my creativity is all about what I’m feeling and my expression of it. Not about someone else’s opinion.

13) that when I see a pattern of not being understood, it’s probably because I’m the one not communicating correctly.

14) that God is a God of many chances.

15) that I will never fully comprehend the love He has for me.

16) to work like I love it and love like I mean it, because nothing ever stays the same.

17) that what I think has a strong impact on what I do.

18) to be careful who I trust because some people can be violent.

19) that those whom I dislike the most may turn out to be my closest friends.

20)  from looking back at my past, I was more blest than I realized.

21) that what I think about someone else is not always a direct indication of how I feel about myself.

22)  that actors are not whom they portray themselves to be. Who they truly are is usually disheartening.

23) that although the eyes are the windows to the soul, my mouth is a door that is difficult to shut.

24) that those who grieve the hardest have loved the deepest.

25) never to think that something I do is so wonderful, no one sees fault in it.

26) that if you had known me before I met Jesus, you would not have wanted to.

27) that ambition served me well when it did not have self-glory as its foundation.

28) that I have but two regrets in life....as a young girl I acted a Christian and played the devil and the devil who raised me that acted a Saint.  From these, came most of my heartache.

29) that the minds of the simple have no knowledge and maybe they don’t need any.

30) that 'heartache' is when you lose the respect of a friend because of something you did that was disrespectful.

31) that life doesn’t stop where you are.  It goes on...and the best thing to do is to travel with it.

32) that 'believing' is knowing it will come to pass. 'Faith' is having the courage to believe it.

33) that the way to wisdom is not through wealth or status, but in having a relationship with God much deeper than you thought possible.

34) that I shouldn’t have to prove myself to anyone.

35) not to ask how I look if I am not willing to hear the truth. And if I had to ask then I probably didn't look very good in the first place.

36) that if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

37) to trust in my intuitions.

38) that it may take only moments to make a decision and years to correct it.

39) that my timing is not necessarily God’s.

40) that when God gives me bits and pieces of information about something that He is about to do in my life, He is not holding back information to be cruel or because He doesn’t trust me; it's to keep Satan from blocking it when it comes to pass.

41) to stop making excuses for someone else’s bad behavior.

42) that if it starts off bad in the beginning, it usually doesn’t get any better.

43) that when a man speaks, listen carefully to every word he says and then read between the lines.

44) that it may take a lifetime for some prophecies to come to pass.

45) that God will fulfill all His promises to me, but not necessarily on my time table.

46) that an animal’s ‘wants’ are the same as his ‘needs’ and this holds true for babies as well. Adults and older children, however, are a different story.

47) that some people deserve a second chance but it should be earned and not carelessly given.

48) that a steady pace, even in small amounts, accomplishes far more than great boasts that are never fulfilled or efforts that are never finished.

49) that not everything a friend tells me is from the Lord and not everything I believe is from Him either.

50) that when God tells me something, what He says and my understanding of it can be two different things.

51) that yes, I am as fat as I think I am.

52) that if it really is greener on the other side, there could be consequences for crossing over.

53) that when a man continually does stupid things it’s not because he doesn’t know any better, it’s because he doesn’t care.

54) that I really can hurt you if you piss me off enough.

55) that when you put someone on a pedestal, you’re allowing them to step down on you.

56) that Mr. Magoo doesn’t do these things because he’s blind, he does them because he’s an idiot.

57) to stop taking myself so seriously. If I accidentally screw-up or say something really stupid without thinking it through first. . .who cares.

58) that getting a doctorate has more to do with determination than intelligence.

59) that I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut.

© Copyright Cheryl Taul 2008



My Pet-Peeves: Problems and Solutions

1) Problem: Receiving the same thing in e-mail over and over again. . .

Don’t you ever wonder how people can send you the same video, pictures, or jokes several times, year after year and not have the slightest clue to the fact that they have already sent it to you before? I'm not talking about the occasion one. We all forget at times, but the ones we receive several times over. . .and years later, you still get it in email by the same people?

For those who can’t remember if they have forwarded something or not. . .

Think to yourself: “If it looks familiar to you meaning: If you have seen it or read it before then most likely you have already passed it on to others so don’t send it again even if you come upon it years later. If you’ve seen it once, or if it seems familiar then that means others have already seen it many times over.


2) Problem: Those Who Can’t Spell. . .

We all make spelling mistakes in on the web. I'm sure if I spent enough time looking, I'd find a few spelling and especially grammar errors in this site.  It’s the human thing to do. Then there are those, through no fault of their own, who really cannot spell. If so, this does not pertain to you. I noticed after being out of college for 30 years, when I went back, the young ones, who just got out of high school could not spell very well and could not understand the meanings to similar words that are often misused.

Take a look at the comments that are left beneath the videos that are seen in "YouTube". Even if they try to cut down their words as if they were texting, they still can’t spell. These are the basic words most often misunderstood; “There”  vs “Their” or "They're" or “Two” vs “Too” and let’s not forget  the word “You’re” which is confused with “Your”. In college, that was a big problem I noticed in the young men and women. They did not know how-to or when-to apply some of these few basic words.

Grammar is the one that gets me. I am terrible at grammar and  yet, I'm a writer. Go figure. But here are solutions that might help those who get these few words confused. . . .

When using these words you must think to yourself certain rules before applying them.

"They're" is an abbreviation for they are. Break up the sentence and think about it this way. . ."They are going to the party."
Now abbreviate it. "They're going to the party."

"There" is used when placing something or pointing something out. "She is over there."  "Put it over there."  "Are there any chocolates?"

"Their" means it belongs to someone. "Their school loans were consolidated."  "It was theirs to begin with."  "Would you ask them if they want their sandwich cold or toasted?"

Ok, now let's do the terrible "Too".  Think of the word "too" as a replacement word for "also" or it can be used to mean "more than one".

Here is using the word "too" as meaning "also". "She too, went to the party."  "I would like to go, too."
Here is using the word "too" as meaning extra or more than one. "There are too many leaves to rake up."  "That's too much for me to handle."

Now, let's do the "You're" - "Your". These are really simple words. "You're" is an abbreviation for the words "You are." In a sentence, use "you're" as an abbreviation, "Just make sure you're on time." Think of it this way. . . "Just make sure you are on time."

"Your" means that it belongs to someone or it can be used as a 'claiming' word. In a sentence, use "your" as a claiming word such as, "Is this your change or mine?"  "Are you taking a shortcut to your house?"

If you can learn the few basics ways to apply these words, then you can figure out how to use them.


3) Problem: YouTube’s Serious Lack of Control With Its User's Content. . .

Some of the users are severely foul-mouthed and what amazes me is that this is our future generation of perverts, dopers and cult worshippers. YouTube does very little to keep their own “Terms of Use” in order. I think there is a serious lack of understanding between "verbal  abuse" and "freedom of speech." I have actually read on YouTube, (on two different occasions), the detailed description of some demented man’s sexual abuse of a child.  The first time I read such a thing I easily found a link that allowed me to report the user’s abuse. The second time I came across this type of subject matter, I couldn’t find the link anywhere. I did find a link where I could report the abuser but when I clicked on the link given, it kept leading me to a page with more links and I could never actually report it.

"YouTube" needs to reread their own 'Terms of Use' and violation policies and hold firm to their own regulations. How do you expect your subscribers to enforce what you don't?


Problem: People Who Talk Too Much

I knew a man once, (thank God I don't associate with him anymore) who talked nonstop on the phone with me for nine hours. I really wanted to see just how long he could carry on this one-sided conversation. I lasted from 9:00 that night until  6:00 in the morning. He was still going strong with no indication of slowing down. I was falling asleep on him so I had to end the call. I couldn't stand it anymore. I dreaded his calls until one day he mercifully ended our email and phone relationship because I didn't answer a question the way he wanted me to. Saying "no" to someone is one of my biggest downfalls and it has been difficult for me to learn the appropriate way to say no without trashing someone's feelings. But he fit a purpose in my life. God used him as another training tool for me.

Solution For Those Who Talk Too Much Or Those Who Push Their Opinions Onto Others Frequently:
Stop and ask yourself, "Am I giving (the person I'm speaking to) time to answer? Am I really interested in what the other person has to
say?"  "Am I respecting the other person's opinion without the need to change them?  Am I trying to make them think and believe as I do?"

I find that those who dominate a conversation, whether in person or over the phone, could care less what the other person has to say. They just want to hash-out their differences and opinions, or complain about their miserable life or push their obsessive thoughts and their 'immense knowledge' onto someone else without giving the person (that they're talking to), a chance to object or agree to what they're saying.  I hate one-sided conversations. Take a hint. If you're the only one talking, I can pretty much guarantee that the other person is no longer interested in what you're saying. Find someone else who cares!

Some Help For The 'Other' Person:
If you meet or become friends with someone that never shuts up, ask yourself this question: "Do I really want this person for a friend? Do I want to be with someone who doesn't give me a chance to express my opinion or join in the conversation?" Make sure that the friends you make are of your choosing, not theirs. We learn by experience. Next time you may be more likely to say, "You know, I'm just not interested in having anymore conversations with you."

If it's someone that you love and you don't want to hurt their feelings, just back off from calling them as often.


Problem: The FDA
The FDA permits the sale of certain drugs knowing that these drugs are dangerous and then it's the drug companies and doctors that get sued later on, not the FDA for allowing it in the first place. (Listen to the TV commercials.) The FDA is pocketing billions of dollars from these companies but are not held responsible for the outcome. The same thing with our food. They are knowingly allowing harmful chemicals into our food  (for preservatives, chemicals added for texture, too much sugar, fructose, MSG, etc.) but are not being held accountable for the public becoming obese, sick which would include mental and/or emotional problems due to years of digesting these chemicals. The FDA is not the public's friend, but a deceiving enemy to America's health.

Many doctors are over-medicating Americans. (Many Veterinarians are over medicating and 'boosting' our pets). The medications that doctors prescribe and the drugs that the pharmaceutical companies push on the public, (Listen to the TV commercials and listen to the side effects), these medications are causing serious side-effects so to combat those effects, we are prescribed more pills to deal with those effects and on and on. I take meds. There are times and reasons that we have to take medication and thank God that they are available for us when we need them, but just too many pills are being prescribed when it is not necessary.  My neighbor has so many medication bottles on her kitchen table, it's ridiculous. She takes a pill for just about every mood she gets into and every ache and pain that she has. She's so stoned out of her mind, she can barely talk at times and yet she is out there driving. The last time I spoke to her, her doctor had just prescribed her another pill to take.

When I was in my twenties an elderly friend of mine died from being over medicated. She was on 36 different pills a day.

Our government needs to fire the FDA and hire professional and reputable specialists to keep our food safe and our prescription drugs safe. Listen to some of the side affects of these new medications that the media is pumping into our brains on TV. The ill effects are more deadly than  some of our illness. There are times when we must have a medication, but the doctors and pharmaceutical companies, Veterinarians and of course, the FDA have made America so drug addicted and sick, that the effects of these drugs are often more damaging to our physical health than the sickness or disease, itself.  For those in pain, we must have pain medication. For those who suffer a physical illness or a mental illness, medications need to be prescribed, but America needs to be able to think for themselves before they just start swallowing pills. Example: My sister came home from the doctor one day and told me that her doctor gave her these pills to take. When I asked her what they were for, she said it was because her legs were turning black. (She is extremely overweight and diabetic). I asked her what the side effects were and she didn't know. The doctor didn't discuss that with her. I asked her how this drug was supposed to help her legs and she didn't know. Then I asked her to think for herself by doing this: WHY WERE HER LEGS TURNING COLOR? WHAT WAS CAUSING IT? She didn't know. The doctor didn't tell her. She just gave my sister more pills to take. If your legs are turning black, ask  your doctor what is causing it. If you are having a medical  problem, ask your doctor what the problem is and what is causing it. Don't just take another pill for it! Find out what your problem is, why you have it, WHAT HAS CAUSED IT, and what you can do to change it before filling another prescription. Learn to ask questions and think for yourself, first.

Years ago I had a problem and asked my doctor what it was and what was causing it. He gave it a technical name and said it was caused by old age. (I was 32 years old!) Years later when computers were available to us, I learned online what it was that I had and it was not caused by age. Age had nothing to with it. It was certain types of food I was eating and the chemicals in these foods that had caused my problem. I could have corrected it years ago if my doctor had been trained in that area. Most doctors are not.

America is slowly being killed over this kind of drug-pushing and all for the sake of pocketing billions of dollars. So many drugs are being prescribed to those who don't know any better and doctors are taught to push these drugs. So is the media. So many of our commercials today are about medications. New ones pop up on the TV almost weekly. I honestly believe that new diseases and disorders are being thought  up (and ridiculous names being given to them) just to fit the new drug the pharmaceutical companies are making. Listen to the side effects of these drugs. You have to weigh the options. Find out if there is another way of getting well before swallowing more pills. If you're not sure, go online and find out what the side effects are and if there is something else you can do to help yourself. If you do, ask your doctor about it and see what s/he has to say. The doctor I have now is very open to my preference of natural cures but at the same time she will be quite honest with me if it is not advisable. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Find a doctor you can talk to.


Problem: Some Christian Newsletters, Organizations, Clubs or Groups
This is my Pet-Peeve about some of these Christian cliques. They create clubs, newsletters, groups (I'm also talking about church groups as well) and as soon as they get a prayer request passed onto them, they automatically grab that poor sap's email address and put them on their own list of send-outs and countless other forwards. Then, when you ask to be unsubscribed, they get angry. This has happened to me several times. It's happened to other people I know. Here is how they work...

Let's say a very sick person or a person in a critical situation sends out a prayer request to their own group for the Prayer Warriors to pray over. Fine. But then some well-meaning person in that group will belong to another prayer group or some other Christian newsletter group and they pass that person's prayer request on to their other groups as well. The problem begins when they don't delete the person's email address before passing the prayer request on. The  club or group or whomever gets a hold of the email address and automatically puts them on their list of forwards and other junk mail send outs. The original person such as myself, or my friends that I mentioned earlier are now on the list of several newsletters or Christian organizations that we never signed up for. All because we asked for prayer. As if we didn't have enough problems already, (depending on what our prayer needs were at the time), now we have all this other email coming in, while our email address continues to be passed around. We continue getting loaded with Christian graphics, jokes, and other ridiculous stuff that has already been sent around the world several times over. In my case, I have replied to these 'strangers' and politely but firmly said, "I never signed up to receive your emails. Please take me off of your list. Sincerely, Cheryl Taul"  In a day or so I get a nasty letter saying something like, "We've removed you from our mail list and you will not be bothered any longer. We will pray for you!"

Let's be honest here.  They were being rude and sarcastic as if I needed prayer for the sin I just committed by unsubscribing from their so-called "Christian" group. What they don't care about is, they have violated other people's rights and privacy. They are being deceitful by putting people on their mail list knowing full-well that these people never subscribed in the first place. They don't care about that person's illness or trauma to begin with or they wouldn't burden that person with their newsletters or group junk mails without that person's permission. Last but not least, they are the ones that need prayer for their immense stupidity, rudeness and deceit. Do they  honestly thing that Jesus is pleased with their deceitfulness? Isn't their organization supposed to lift Christ  up in other people's lives. How can one truly witness and be of any help when they are being abused in this way? Jesus is not pleased with this behavior at all.

Also, be careful of those who call themselves 'ministers' online. I got out of what I thought was a Christian group when I started suspecting that the so-called minister was collecting himself a harem of women online. I closed down communication when he began writing to me about the problems he and his wife are having with sex! (Like I really care!) No, Jesus is not pleased with this either and yet so many do such harmful things to people in the name of God. Besides, there are just too many strange people out there calling themselves Christians, acting insane and doing some really weird things and giving us Christians a bad name.

Church-groups. Oh boy! Here's another one. For a true example, I was having a conversation with a woman who had a bad experience in her church because she did not feel lead to go out at night with them and knock on doors. I don't blame her. I wouldn't do it either. When Jesus said "go out into all the world" I don't think He meant to barge into people's private lives by pounding on their doors. To me, that's the same as a telemarketer beating a path into our home by telephone. Anyway, a few in that group told her she was not a Christian because she would not join their door knocking escapades.  Some of these church groups are so psychotic. I am a Christian and I don't think it is necessarily wrong to door knock if that is what the Holy Spirit is leading someone to do, but don't condemn others if they are not lead to do that. Maybe Jesus has something else for that person to do. Maybe Jesus did not want her to door knock. Maybe Jesus didn't want any of them to door knock and she was the only one that listened to God in the first place!

I remember many years ago, a neighbor invited me to her church. I dressed nice and I wore my crucifix as I did each day. Did I believe that the crucifix I wore would save my soul? No. Did I believe that I would be labeled a 'good' girl if I wore one? No. The only reason why this necklace was so special to me was that it was given to me by a Catholic woman that lead me to the Lord. Because of her faithful obedience to Jesus, I was saved soon after getting to know her. Later she passed away and that necklace that she gave me was my reminder of her. Plain and simple. It was precious to me because it was hers. But after church I was verbally attacked (viciously I might add) by several church members including my neighbor for wearing it. They yelled at me in the parking lot accusing me of putting Jesus back on the cross to be crucified by wearing this crucifixion necklace.  I cried for hours over that and needless to say, I never spoke to my psycho-neighbor again! Can you imagine such cruelty and stupidity? Did they honestly think that anything in this whole world would actually take Jesus out of Heaven and put Him back on the cross to be crucified again just because someone was wearing a crucifix necklace? I mean, have you ever heard of such insanity? And yet, like so many cruel and hateful people in this world, they truly believe they are doing God a favor. It's not a wonder that the rest of the world look at Christians as nuts? Who would want to come to Jesus by seeing this kind of behavior? They are not displaying Christ in the true way. They are dishonoring Him and driving others away from Him.

We must learn that just because it is a church or someone says they are a Christian, we have the right not to trust them until they can prove it by their actions. There is nothing wrong with being cautious with businesses, churches, people, friends, or companies until they can prove their intentions or their sincerity. It is not being a wise Christian by opening yourself up to strangers without knowing who they are. Jesus said to me one day, "Be careful who you trust. Some people can be violent."

"Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or else make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for a tree is known by its fruit." (Matthew 12:33)

"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world." (1 John 4:1)

© Copyright Cheryl Taul 2009



1) When you’re talking to someone with a glass eye, which eye do you look at?

2) I believe that somewhere out there, there is a chocolate that makes you thinner. The problem is, the skinny people are hiding them from us.

3) According to the TV advertisements about hunger, if we give the equivalent of  $1.00 a day, then food and medical help would be supplied to one sick and starving child. Since there are billionaires that live in these same countries, why are so many people still dying each day of hunger, malnutrition and diseases?

4) How can I eat one ounce of chocolate and gain two pounds?

© Copyright Cheryl Taul 2009