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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Jesus-and the sacrifice He made for me


Ronny-My Son


Josh (My Jack Russell Terror)

Christmas Tree Angel


Christmas Bear

Unicorns and Ocean Sailing


Anything Nature


One of my favorite dolls


My other favorite doll

Frosted Fruit.  Used in a couple of my Christmas desserts


Christmas Gifts


Reminds me of a carousel


Poinsettias that are red


Poinsettias that are purple

My Favorite Santa's






Santa tree ornament
(I love this silly thing!)

The glowing lights of a Christmas tree in the evening


Christmas lights outdoors


A Beautiful Dream





I have a lot of "Favorite Things" such as the ocean, finding sea shells, animals (for sure!), friends, champagne, a romantic night, a great vacation and these are only a few.









Midi "My Favorite Things"