Arin And The Lyre

On a quiet, summer afternoon Arin played his lyre and sang his woodland songs. It called to the hummingbird, the Egret, and the Warbler. Even the Dormouse, the White-tailed Deer and the Black Bear who are most cautious, came near. They knew the little Woodland Elf and his songs. He would appear here or there and any other place that filled his fancy. Gentle and soft-spoken, his words need-not be understood when expressed by what he sang. As his voice was carried by the breeze, it met those who needed it most; A weary traveler, an aging soul or maybe someone who no longer remembers the songs of the forest as they once did. But the ones who loved his music the most are the forest dwellers.

"Play for me," said the Great Owl suddenly, "for it is not yet evening and I am still in need of sleep and your tunes will soothe me." Arin strummed a chord.

"No, play for me!" said the Fox selfishly, "for I have cubs that are in need of calming and it would give me time to forage for food if they behaved." Arin strummed another chord.

"But you must play for me," interrupted the Grasshopper, "since I am the smallest and I am always overlooked except by those who want to eat me!" Arin smiled and strummed a few more chords.

The Fawn walked closer to Arin and softly said, "Play for me, young elf, for I have much to learn of the forest and its ways. Your words will teach me to survive." Arin played a few more notes and began to sing when a tiny voice called out to him from somewhere on the forest floor.

"Play for me!"  Oh, please play for me!" cried the little mouse as loud as he could, "For I am lost and must find my way back since it was your music that brought me here."

"But you are a Church-Mouse." Arin said. "How did you get so far from your home?"

"Well, I sit under the floor-board or up in the loft," said the little mouse nervously, "and I listen to the choir sing. . . that is, until I heard you and I followed. Listening to songs is my most favorite thing and that is why I live in the church. But now I cannot find my way back and I miss my home.  It is nearing evening and I cannot stay here in the forest all alone! I am afraid here!

Arin looked at the forest animals and thought for a moment then began to play a song that took the little Church-Mouse back to where he came from. His music blended with the breeze and his voice was heard in the far distance. When he knew the little mouse was safely home, his song ended.

"Why?" asked the other animals. "Why did you play for the little Church-Mouse and not for us?"

"Because you have me, always," said Arin. "and can hear me sing for you whenever you like. I am here for those who need me the most." Then he began to play a tune that soothed the Great Owl and he closed his eyes. He played until the Fox's cubs fell asleep and the little Grasshopper was safely hidden away in the forest. He taught wisdom to the Fawn and touched once again the ears of the Church-Mouse as he lay in his matchbox-bed listening to Arin's songs. The little mouse gently drifted off to sleep and dreamt of wonderful things that night, but no other dream was as lovely as Arin and the lyre.

Copyright Cheryl Taul
September 19, 2009











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