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"There was a star danced, and under that was I born."
 William Shakespeare


Come see the dreams of a little girl with a big imagination
and even some insight.



"You have to believe it.
Everything that is real was imagined first."
(The Velveteen Rabbit)




Bev-T-Boo's Free Font
(For PC's)

Extract it into your font folder or copy and paste the font into this directory....
Click on My Computer then (Local Disk) C drive then WINDOWS and scroll
down until you find the "Fonts" folder. That is where your downloaded fonts go.

This font is created for Bev Tooley who has a rare muscle cancer. I created it
to draw attention to her site at   Please visit and be blessed
reading her testimonies and her stories. Thank you.-Cheryl Taul





Some old~Some new
 I created my designs with products I purchased or downloaded for free. Credits are given on the "Banners" page.



Ancient of Days


Bedtime Stories


Child's Play

Caribbean Cove

Old Shack

The Eagle

Eagle's Nest






Katie and Faerie

Lakeside Picnic


Mouse Cruise

Old Rugged Cross

Pharaoh's Daughter

Plato's Dream

Within A Dream


Old West

Kalahari Rains


Stone Aged

Spring's New Birth

The Shallows

Favorite Things

Young Solomon

Free Spirit

The Tree

Tropical Island

The Tropics

The Immigrants

Upon A Time

Precious Cargo

White Christmas

Wine For One

Cottonball Dreams

Midnight Stroll


Restless Soul

Rest Stop


View From Shore

When One Stands

Storm Chaser

Night Visions





Bramblewood is on a mission but he is a little fearful of exploring beyond what is familiar to him. It is up to the Forest Guardian to bring Bramblewood and his friends safely through each adventure. As Bramblewood travels, he will learn a few lessons along the way.





Poor Rupert keeps getting himself into so much trouble!. As hard as he tries,
some things just won't go his way. Come see what Rupert has gotten himself into this time!





"I Forgot To Live"




Here are Christian designs with messages based on personal
experiences and what the Lord has taught me during these times of trials.






Sizes are 1024  x 768



Pipperwhill is a curious and energetic little elf who loves to go about telling her stories, but her curiosity can cause havoc for those around her. Come see what antics little Pipperwhill gets into next!








Poetry to interest young teens to adults.







A collection of short stories that are true, heart-warming and sometimes funny.





Come and visit Tombstone, see photos of the famous Bird Cage Theatre and OK Corral with its intense past. Stop in at the Miniature Horse Ranch and enjoy these beautiful small horses. This section will also grow so don't forget to visit once in a while and see what's new.







"It's My Thing"

I talk about my likes and dislikes. Pet-Peeves, Things I've Learned,
Things I've Pondered, Things that interest me. . .lots of 'things'







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