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My son, Ronny Taul in 1979
I used to call him "Buddha Belly"

Ronny in 1982 and our cockatiel "Pita"


Ronny and I were born and raised in Florida. Ronny grew up in Ft. Lauderdale where he was born (1978) and I grew up in Delray and Ft. Lauderdale. I was born in 1954 in West Palm Beach. We moved to Arizona in 1991 and got stuck in the system. Once there, it's very hard to get out unless you have money to do so. But I will move back one day (to the Gulf side of Florida) and I don't think it's too long from now. I miss the beach terribly, finding sea shells, snorkeling, seeing the water and sailboats and the intercoastal waterway with the night lights reflecting on the surface, the smell of the ocean and so many other things that I don't see or enjoy while in the desert.


Ronny~Early 80's

Ronny~Early 80's


Ronny at the Grand Canyon. Early  90's

We were at Rawhide in Arizona. I guess Ronny
would rather hang himself than marry me!


Ronny and I Christmas shopping at the Mall. Early 90's

Ronny at his basketball tournament. Mid 90's


Visiting Stafford, Arizona. 2004


Ronny's baseball tournament. 2007

Ronny turned 30. July 2008


Ronny visiting me and taking a swim. 2008

 Nothing better than the pool on a hot
Arizona day! 2008


Ronny's baseball photo for 2009.

Well, he's grown so fast, lost his blonde hair and gained a beard!




I really love Disney World!~1980's.

I really love Florida! 1991



Visiting "Death Valley" early 90's. I was only about 20 feet
from the car and that was as far as I was going! It was
so hot  the top of my head felt like it was cooking.

I really love birds! 1992



I really love Santa! 1993

I really love Christmas! 1993



I really love animals!  2002



Cheryl and Ronny on Safari. Early 80's
(I really hate hunting!)



Hope you enjoyed these few photos of Ronny and Me.
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