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Ice Dream


Island Princess


Jimmy's Hosting. This is the hosting I use.


(josh, my dog, had lumps on his legs. the vet did not feel they were cancerous but said she would wait
and keep an eye on them. well, that didn't make any sense to sit and 'wait' to see if they would turn
cancerous. i bought the "natural cellular defense" (a volcanic mineral) from rubyjean and
after several days, the lumps were gone. . . click on "products" when the page opens)


Jimmy's "Safe Harbor "






These are sites that I really like or sites I use most often. . .


"Lois' Sign From Heaven"
(this is the most beautiful story i have ever read)


Crosswalk Bible Study Tools
(add a word or two to find scripture either in Old or New Testament)


DAZ Studio
(i use daz, bryce and photoshop to create my designs)


Some of the sites that I love I can't post because there are just too many of them to add
to this page. I do enjoy watching "Britain's Got Talent" on YouTube and of course the
animal videos anywhere I can find them. Bushisms and any good blooper videos such
as newscasters or TV personalities. I spend quite a bit of time on YouTube although I
don't care for their lack of monitoring some of the sites and the things being said online.





* Please Note! *

I have used many of these freebies and bought a lot of their products but certainly not all. If you download any of them, it will be at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible if you do not read their system requirements and user agreements or if their site contains graphic content that may be offensive to you.

Just enjoy the freebies. There are tons of them. Once in a while, I will check these links and update them.

Image Blender
This is the coolest program and it's free!   It does what the name implies.
It combines different  graphic designs together and blends them  beautifully!
Very easy to use.


The Digital Muse

Gordana Zegarac aka Anagord
His/Her freebies are at Renderosity. Scroll down the page when it opens to see
the free backgrounds and parchments.


Registration is free. You will find so many freebies here. I've also bought a lot from their
Marketplace. You won't believe some of the beautiful items for free and for sale here.


Runtime DNA
There are some freebies here. Great for Poser and DAZ users.


DAZ Studio




Pamela Delli Colli
Pamela has some really beautiful backgrounds for free and also  I've bought a lot that I sometimes
use in my designs. I've also downloaded her freebies at  Renderosity.

So many freebies to download. Look to your left and choose.


Shawn at Brusheezy
Free Photoshop brushes. Make sure when you download, they are
for the Photoshop version that you have. If unsure, just write to her.
I did, she's a very nice lady and pleasant to correspond with.


Fairy Stationary
(faerie stationary for you to print. Scroll down and choose)


Almathera plugins for Photoshop
(small download link toward bottom)


CandeeKis Designs
(look to the left and click on the links. also, donations are welcome)


Enki's Downloads
(fonts, filters and demo movies)


Filter Meister
(look to the left for the links to the plugins)


Auto FX Software
(Click on the "Downloads" link at the top)

Giveaway of the Day


Textures by Tuesday
(i love this site. lots of good stuff here)


(good plugins)


Joe Kurz
(talk about generous. this guy offers so many downloads for bryce and
daz studio, poser and background freebies, etc. click on 'downloads')


MuRa's Filter Meister


Diz Teq
(lots of downloads here)


Painted Pixels
(i love this site. i have  used the poser downloads in my daz studio as well.
there are also downloads for psp, clipart, incredimail, photoshop, backgrounds,
outlook express, picture frames, digital scrapbooks, tiles, buttons, brushes,
gosh...need i say more? Scroll down the page for the freebies)


Lovely Lady
(click around on the links on this page. some of  the  poser downloads have worked
well in my daz studio)


Poser Fashion
(lots of downloads  for poser)


The Groan Zone
(lots of downloads. this site is very easy to navigate)


Tony Lynch
(there are so many downloads here, it's unbelievable. for byrce, carra,
photoshop, daz, poser. click on the links to the left)


PSP Plus
(more than psp downloads. Scroll down for more links)




Richard Rosenman
(this is the free plugins page. scroll down the page)


Faerie Kisses
(one of my favorite sites. You need to sign up (for free) to grab the freebies but
it is worth it. Her freebies for daz studio are beautiful. and i also bought a few items
for my designs while i was there. the 'downloads' link is at the top-right of her homepage)


Darren's FX
(nice downloads here. look to the left for the links)


Pickers Angel's Poser Freebies
(some of these worked in my daz studio)


(you'll need to sign up. it's free. click the "free stuff" button near the top)


WhiskeySierra's Grafics
(click the "3d freestuff" link on the left and then keep scrolling down that page until
you find the ones that say 'free')


Pixe Luna
(this site is so beautiful and really nice to navigate around. click the "Freebies" tab on the right)


Treasure Chest
(and that's what it is. keep scrolling down the page for lots of freebies)


CG Textures
(you won't believe the freebies on this site!)


email Stripper
(emailstripper is a free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of your emails.
it will restore "forwarded" or "replied" emails back to their original state so they're easier to read)


Greenway Towers
(scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for more links)


(so many nice downloads)


(here are some free bottles and glasses. click on the 'download' icon on left)


Filter Factory

Flaming Pear (BladePro)


Wool Sweater Street
(bladepro presets)


Core FTP
(after creating my web pages in frontpage, i upload and update all my pages
using this core ftp free version. i have used it for years and never had a problem.
this is the easiest program i have ever used to upload my web pages. i did have to
have a friend show me how to use it. after that it was smooth sailing)


Desktop Calendar
(i have  used this desktop calendar for years. easy to  use and different
options with the settings. each day leaves a good amount of space to type in)


(image viewer)


Flash Slideshow Maker


Folder Guide
(i really love this and use it several times a day. with one-click you can get to
those folders you often use without hunting them down. i  have an external
harddrive with a lot of folders in it. folder guide allows me to find the folder
or sub-folders that i'm looking for with just a click)


Ah, yes. the fonts. here are some links to satisfy your craving for a few:

1001 Free Fonts

Ellie's Treasures


Hott Notes
(free desktop sticky notes)

Incredi Letters for your Incredimail
(With "Incredimail" they are fun and beautiful but if you have friends with only dialup connection,
it take them an "incredibly long time to download your email. Use these kinds of  programs with
others in mine.)


Karen's Power Tools


Radio 365 Desktop
i love this. i paid for a subscription and listen to my favorite music from my desktop.
tons of stations to choose from if you have a paid subscription. unless they have
changed the rules, you can even download the radio for free and still listen to
quite a few radio stations)


(scroll down for the free desktop download. it works great and very easy to use.)


PowerPoint Viewer
(if you want to view those great slideshows in powerpoint but don't have it
downloaded on your computer, you can still view them with this powerpoint
view. it's free--also, sometimes when i click on this link I get stuck on their page
so bookmark my "Banners" page (this page) just in case you can't get back
out and you  have to close-down your browser to free yourself. Don't worry, it's a
trusted site.)


Photo Shrinker
(shrinks photos for emails, etc. if you don't have a software program that
resizes photos or don't know how to resize them, this is the next best thing)


Movie Maker
(if you have seen my movie page, i began making my videos with the
movie maker that came with my windows xp. the version they gave me was 5
but here is a free 2.1 version. it's such an easy program to use)


Skins for Windows Media Player
(lots of skins!)


(piclens-give it time to load. there's a lot on there)


(it's a great place to be)

Windows XP Desktop Themes


Windows XP Screensavers


Calculator Plus
(free desktop calculator. i use it often and have for years.)


Windows Media Player


Adobe Acrobat Reader
(it's free. click on the icon on the right)


Birthday Alarm
(you won't forget another birthday or important day again. they only send reminders
when there is a date you've added and you won't get spammed)


Urban Legend's Search Engine
(scroll down and  put in a word or two to find out if the forward you received was true
or false. let's check on these kinds of emails before passing them on to keep from spreading lies)


Kodak Album




(another great place to be)


Online Dictionary


Sex Offender's Registry
(are there sex offenders in your neighborhood? find out. you can even sign-up and get
notifications in your email.)


How To Do Things.com


(About.com has just about any topic you can think of with some
information for you. well....here is their index!)


(i think you have to sign up to get the freebies but  it's free to sign-up and the
freebies are free, so it's all free!)





(yes, they do have other things you can download for free but if you
just want the sound-effects archive, scroll down the page until
you see the sound-effects title)














Also worth mentioning are these sites. . .

100 Greatest Rock N Roll Songs of the 60's
(on this site if you click a song, a window will usually open with a youtube video
of the original band or singer playing onstage during that era.)


Composers Offering Midi Files on the Net
(wow, this person has posted quite a list)































This is the very last page on my site, which is why I linked the "Next" button to the site map.
Whatever pages you visited, I hope you enjoyed being here and please visit again.

Cheryl Taul