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  Join me on a tour through Picture Rock's Miniature Horse Ranch to
see these beautiful miniature horses. There was a new-born that I named "The Boss." There are a lot
of photos that will need to load, so a fast connection and patience will serve you well!




  Enter the town of Tombstone to see photos and read about the
people and events that made this town famous. As you walk the streets at night when the town is
quiet, feel the presence that tries to come ever closer, wondering who you are and why you are
there. The name itself, is sufficient warning to what has been and still tries to be. This is  a large
section with photos that will need to load. Just keep clicking the "Next" button to advance through
all of the Tombstone adventures.




  The Bird Cage Theatre is a famous landmark in the history of the
Old West. Be it here, or any other room in this theatre, death was the dessert-plate of the foolish.




  Boothill Cemetery is an amazing place where some of the famous
people of Tombstone's history were buried. . .the innocent as well as the guilty while over and
around the graves grow weeds, desert plants and the Crucifixion Thorn.







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